Thursday, October 07, 2004

Game review: Quiddler

Players: 2-10 Ages: 10-Adult

Last year, my brother introduced me to Quiddler, by Set Enterprises. This is a word-building card game with elegantly designed cards, inspired by Celtic manuscripts. The object of the game is to make words out of the cards in your hand and score the most points (different letters have different point values). There are a few two-letter combinations, such as QU, IN, and TH, and bonuses for forming the most words and the longest word, for an additional element of strategy.

The game is played in phases, with the number of cards in your hand increasing in each phase, starting with three and ending with ten. This game has quickly become a family favorite, and is a great way to teach kids spelling, as well as to learn lots of unusual short words that may come in handy in lots of other word games you play.

If you're in a silly mood, you can have a lot of fun by playing with misspelled words. In this “variant”, you are not allowed to use correctly spelled words, but the letters must sound out a real word (or at least come close). Note: this tends to work best when people are tired. ;-) Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

Have you played Set (also by Set Enterprises, surprisingly enough)? One of my favorite games ever. A bright three-year old can play it, but it's challenging enough for any adult. 

Posted by Bryce I