Friday, February 04, 2005

Drinking can kill you

Okay, so we know that drinking too much alcohol can kill you. But too much water? Just goes to show that just about anything can be dangerous in excess.


Anonymous said...

I knew a child once who might potentially have died from the same cause -- drinking too much water. She was suffering from some kind of post-traumatic disorder after an animal attack, and for some reason felt compelled to drink water constantly. One night, after her parents went to bed, she got up and drank huge quantities of water from the bathroom tap. Luckily, they caught her at it and took her to the hospital. 

Posted by VeritasLiberat

Anonymous said...

Yeah it is scarry and shows nothing is harmless in excess. Hypanutremia has gotten a lot of press lately in running circles, and some people are afraid of overhydration and end up underhydrating - seems there is a delicate balance in pretty much everything. 

Posted by Steve